Terms & Conditions

Payment Methods

Our preferred payment method is PayPal®. We also accept U.S. Postal money orders as well ad credit/debit cards over the phone. All payments must clear before any shipments will be scheduled.


We ship all orders via FedEx with Ship Your Reptiles. Shipping charges are $49 for all orders.(an unlimited number of animals may be sent in one order and multiple orders may be combined to save on shipping) All orders over $700 ship for free. All shipping supplies are included in the shipping cost. (we do not charge extra for summer or winter packaging.) We only ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Buyers must follow the shipping instructions outlined in the order conformation email to book a shipment. (No orders will be shipped without conformation and proper scheduling.) We also send out a shipping status email every Friday that lists our shipping schedule for the following week. Shipments may be scheduled by replying to that email.

International Shipping
We are happy to offer delivery to the Hamm Reptile shows in Germany. Customers wishing to have their purchases sent to the Hamm shows MUST select the proper shipping option upon checkout. The cost is $30 per order (an order may consist of an unlimited number of animals) plus import fee’s. Import fees will be paid to Dutch Dragon Imports upon pickup at Hamm.
It is the BUYERS responsibility to contact Dutch Dragon Imports 2 weeks before the Hamm Reptile show to inform them you will be receiving an animal.
Payment plans are available, as outlined below. However, full payment MUST be made on international orders 2 weeks before the date of the next Hamm show in order for geckos to ship. Your geckos will be handled by the best people in the industry, and international shipping is historically very successful. That being said, international shipping does carry a higher risk than domestic shipping, and therefore there is no live arrival guarantee on international shipments.

Live Arrival Guaranteed

Live arrival is guaranteed, assuming the following three conditions.

~First, the temperatures have to be safe. Safe temperatures are considered between 32°F (overnight low) and 85°F (daytime high) for the entire duration of the shipment. Heat and cold packs will be provided at no extra charge, so be sure to let us know if one will be needed for your area at the time of your shipment. While we do generally check the temperatures before booking all shipments and will hold any shipments we consider unsafe, guaranteeing proper shipping temperatures in your area is YOUR responsibility. Please check your forecast prior to scheduling a shipment. If your area does not have safe shipping temperatures at the time of your purchase we are happy to hold your animal(s) until safe shipping weather is reached, at no charge to you.

~The second condition for the live arrival guarantee is someone must be present at the designated shipping address for the FIRST delivery attempt. If no one is present at the designated shipping address at the designated delivery time, the live arrival guarantee is void. You may want to consider having them shipped to your place of employment if you have any doubt about being at home to receive the package. Safe shipping temperatures are always at OUR discretion and we may choose to not ship your animal at any time if we feel it is unsafe. This is not to make things harder on you, but we’d rather you wait a few more days then receive a dead animal. If a shipment is delayed, your animal(s) will be given the top notch care all our animals receive at no additional cost to you, until a safe shipping day is reached. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any sort of damages incurred as a result of an incorrect address or delays on the behalf of the carrier.

~The third conditions is, we must be provided with an accurate shipping address. We will send your order to the shipping address you provide with your order. If this address is incorrect and the shipment is delayed, the live arrival guarantee is voided. If you need your order shipped to an address other than the shipping address provided on your invoice, please make sure you make that clear when you email to schedule your shipment.


In the rare case you receive an animal that had perished during shipment, Altitude Exotics must be contacted via phone (message if necessary) or email within 1 hour of the shipment being delivered, no exceptions! Photographic proof will be required in all cases. At our discretion we may require the expired animal be returned to us, at your expense. Once our investigation is complete, compensation will be issued in the form of either a comparable replacement animal, or store credit. Cash refunds will not be given under any circumstances.

Gecko Tails

Geckos dropping their tail is a completely natural process, and does not harm or devalue the animal at all. Because of this, we do not offer a guarantee on gecko tails during shipping. Tail drops during shipping are very rare, but can happen.

Sexing Policy/Pore Sexing

Any animal listed for sale on our website as definitively male or female are guaranteed to be said sex. Should you receive an animal that was sold to you as a guaranteed sex, and it turns out to be the opposite, we must be notified as soon as the error is realized. The original must then be returned to us, following our safe shipping guidelines at your expense. Our team here will inspect the animal and a comparable replacement will then be sent to you at our expense, or store credit given at our discretion.

We do not pore sex any of our geckos, and will not pore sex available geckos on request. No pore sexing is a blanket rule we hold for all our animals. (even our holdbacks do not get pore sexed) Simply put, we find pore sexing to be wildly inaccurate, and our no pore sexing policy makes everything simpler. All geckos are considered unsexed until they show obvious signs of being male, or reach a size that we are comfortable confirming them to be females.

Gecko Colors
We provide clear and accurate pics of each gecko for sale that shows them in the best light and as accurate as possible. We have invested a lot of time, money, and personal education into our picture taking process in order to get the best possible pictures of our animals. The color of our animals is NEVER edited in any way in any of our photographs, all pictures are true to life. That being said, we offer no guarantees on color. Crested Geckos can change color drastically for a large number of reasons. On top of that different computer setups display colors slightly differently. Rest assured however, the gecko you see on the website is what your gecko will look like in person. (we are consistently told our geckos look even better in person than in photographs)

Payment Plans

We offer payment plans for orders over $400 ONLY under the following terms.
~25% of total purchase price (including shipping) as a down payment.
~30 days to complete payment in full.
~Down payments are non-refundable. If full payment is not made at the end of 30 days, the down payment is forfeited.
~If full payment is not made at the end of 30 days, any amount paid over the down payment is converted to store credit only.
~It is the buyers responsibility to ensure payments are made within the required time frame, we do not send invoices or bills.
~Coupon codes are NOT valid on payment plans. Coupon codes are only good for orders paid in full at the time of purchase.
~Pay in full orders always take priority over payment plan orders. Unless the deposit has been sent, all animals are available on a first come first serve basis. No animals are held without payment.

Local Pickup

We offer local pickup in the Denver Metro area at the local Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo ONLY. If you want to pick up an order in person, the RMRE is the only place to do so. We do not have a store front open to customers, and we are unable to meet customers on an individual basis.

A schedule of upcoming Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo pickup dates can be found HERE.


Abandoned Orders

We ask that all orders be scheduled for shipment within 45 days of the date of purchase. While we are happy and more than willing to hold on to geckos ordered for a number of reasons, (shipping not available due to weather or plans to add more geckos to an order for example) geckos that spend more than 6 months with us without a shipment being scheduled will be considered abandoned. These geckos will once again become the property of Altitude Exotics, and NO REFUNDS (neither cash or store credit) will be given. Obviously exceptions will be made for extreme weather circumstances if shipping cannot be accomplished. However if no contact is made to us from the buyer after 6 months all geckos and payments will be forfeit!


Facebook Auctions

We often hold auctions for geckos on our Facebook page. Please visit us on Facebook HERE

Please review all of our auctions rules and guidelines HERE
All Sales are Final!

By placing an order on our website, you are agreeing to our policy that all sales are final. No refunds will be given under any circumstances. Please be certain you are serious about your order before placing it!

We are committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible. If you experience any problems with your animals, do not hesitate to contact us!!